Submission of a manuscript may be electronically or via hard copy.
If the manuscript is accepted by the FP editorial board, an experienced editor is assigned to work with the writer. We all want the manuscript to be the best it can be. However, any suggested changes to a manuscript are just that: suggested. These changes can be discussed. The copy editing changes can be discussed. The manuscript should become a book that is a source of pride for both the publisher and its author but the writer rules.

After the editing and the copy editing, the font is chosen by the author and the book is formatted for the printer. All FEDORA PRESS books are trade paperbacks ranging in size from 5 inches by 8 inches to 7.44 inches by 9.69 inches.

A hard copy of the finished manuscript will be sent to the U.S. copyright office and, in a separate process, an ISBN number will be assigned. The author holds the copyright.

The writer writes blurbs for the back cover and submits an author photograph. The art department then prepares a cover; a publication date is decided. All material is submitted to the printer who produces a galley for the writer to see and approve.

If all is in order, the title is then made available to the internet wholesalers for print on demand orders.

Digital formatting for Nook and Kindle is done, the applications are made, contracts signed and the book becomes available to e-readers.

The author is compensated for book sales according to the printing costs. Some mainstream publishers do not notify authors of book sales for as long as a year; FEDORA PRESS will always have figures available. Royalty statements will be sent out three times in the first year and twice a year in following years. Payments from the publisher are made via check.

The process is meant to involve the writer every step of the way towards publication date and the thrill of holding your book in your hands. Your thoughts, your words, and your story will have come alive and will be available for the world to read and savor. 

FEDORA PRESS wants each of its writers to realize the joy of publishing with professionals who care deeply about the process and your book.

What sets FEDORA PRESS apart from self-publishing companies?
1. Manuscripts must be accepted for publication at FP. Our editorial board is discriminating. 
2. An editor and a copy editor work with the author whereas self-publishing companies do not edit or copy edit.
3. FEDORA PRESS is small and hopes to remain small with personal attention given to every writer and every manuscript. 
4. The trademark fedora on the spine of a book is a source of pride and signifies quality.

An experienced editor and experienced copy editors.  Proof-reading is done by several people.

Our Art Department creates:
Custom full-color cover
Custom design of the book interior
Custom design of the back cover

The business of a new book is completed with the
ISBN assignment
U.S. Copyright 
Online Distribution to the world’s largest wholesalers
Digital Formatting and Distribution of e-Books
Google and Amazon Search Programs

Upon publication, the author will receive five complimentary copies of the book.

Webmasters will be suggested for guidance concerning Social Media including websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook. An experienced publicist may be hired to set up radio interviews to promote the book.