Q. Why isn't FEDORA PRESS considered a vanity publisher?  Isn't it vanity publishing?

A.  Vanity publishing is when a person pays to have their work published. The manuscript does not matter; anything will be published. It requires nothing more than money.  This is done by a vanity press.  FEDORA PRESS accepts or rejects every manuscript. One must have their manuscript accepted by the FP editorial board in order to be published.

Q. What is self publishing?  I see it sometimes spelled as 'selfpublishing' and 'self-publishing.'

A.  Self-publishing is basically the same as vanity publishing. You pay money and your manuscript is printed or published. Private publishing by a small press would be the same thing.
We are all in the business of book printing; we are book printers but there are different steps in between writing a manuscript and holding the book in your hands.

Q. What does 'book layout' mean? What is a 'book cover layout?'

A. A manuscript on a disk or in an attachment or in a file is not ready for our printer. A book layout is necessary to format each page, each chapter. The first pages containing the copyright, the author name, the ISBN number, the title page all must be formatted in readiness for the printer. The book cover layout is just what it sounds like. FEDORA PRESS has an outstanding art department and the covers reflect the talent there. The book cover layout is what is presented to the printer.

Q. FEDORA PRESS offers 'Editorial Service'  which the online self publishers don't offer.  What exactly does this mean?

A.  FEDORA PRESS has editors who read the accepted manuscript and offer ideas and advice as to how it might be better. 
Scenes, descriptions, motivations and characters will be discussed. Each editor at FEDORA PRESS only offers suggestions; the writer rules. Copy editors do the final editing of any manuscript before it goes to the printer. They look at every punctuation mark, every comma, every word. They check grammar and spelling and comb each page for mistakes. 

Q. So I've written a book, it's been published.  How do I sell it?  What sort of book distribution does FEDORA PRESS offer?

A.  Every book published by FEDORA PRESS will be available on the Internet to the largest online wholesalers in the world.  These are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Books-A-Million.
Every book will also be formatted to be sold as an Ebook. The world is changing quickly and FP will change, too, adopting new techniques for book distribution and seeking new avenues for its books and authors.