Hunter College Sat. June 4th

The Hunter College Writers' Conference, NYC,  is next Saturday, June 4th, and I'm to speak about marketing. I'm on a panel so it may only be a few words.

All that keeps flying through my head is: I'd rather be writing. But these days a writer has to not only write the book but sell it, talk it up, get it noticed.

It used to be different. Can you imagine Eudora Welty talking to Jay Leno? Or William Faulkner sitting across from an earnest Meredith Viera?  How about Virginia Woolf on The View?


Nook's the hook

Barnes & Noble has captured 27 percent of the e-book market with the Nook. This may be the main reason that Liberty Media has announced a plan to acquire B&N  for $17 a share.  This would push its value up to $1.02 billion.  B & N and Amazon lead the field in e-books with Apple very far behind. Lots going on behind the scenes..... and of course, the bankruptcy of Borders has had an effect on the future of Barnes & Noble.  Interesting to watch this play out.



This is the first NOTE on the FEDORA PRESS website.  NOTES will cover publishing news, books, writing, writers, politics, news of the day and random musings. Feel free to weigh in--express yourself.  Get the ideas out there!  A note to every one who faces a blank screen wondering how to start or end that chapter: keep daydreaming and keep writing!

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