agents, editing and FEDORA PRESS

Over the weekend,  emails and conversations:  two writers agnizing over agents and a journalist enduring great anxiety over  the editing of a story that is fighting to be true.  This is why I founded FEDORA PRESS.


we have to!

"We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to." ---W. Somerset Maugham


the elk lips of inspiration

Inspiration? There is TOO much of it!  How could a writer EVER not have things to write about? The bizarre, the unusual...the elk lips of inspiration.

Look out the window, take a walk, read a newspaper and bam! bam! bam! It's all right in front of you. A buffet of possibilities.....speaking of buffet I was reading that the Russian/Chinese border now leaks like a sieve. And what was discovered smuggled in from China last week? Bear paws, spotted deer geniitals, bear gallbladders....but wildest to me in the annals of human appetite were the elk lips.  If I weren't immersed in my own novel, I would make it my mission to find the Julia Child of Russia and get the best recipe for elk lips....with garlic? dipped in chocolate? And the wine to be served with the lips. ....a rich Bordeaux? or a lovely Sancerre?



I listened to David Brooks discuss his new book with Charlie Rose last night.  Succinctly put, Brooks said "It's all about the power of the unconscious."  He wrote about love, emotions, reason, limerance, will and the intellect and cited countless studies on humans.  Neurologists and scientists are in the first stages of discovery as they examine that wondrous uncharted territory called the mind. The brain contains over one billion neurons firing through countless transmitters; it weighs about three pounds.  Possibilities of combinations and thought and imagination seem limitless---as vast as a thousand solar systems.  


the exhilaration of being alive

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." -----Maya Angelou