I may change my mind in the future but....

I've decided that my time is better spent working with the authors here at FEDORA PRESS and with my own writing than taking time to tap into little thoughts for this blog.....I find it of no consequence (to me and most likely not to anyone else either!) so am signing off for awhile.  My life is filled with things I consider much more worthwhile and definitely more fun! 


Lunch in NYC

Yesterday I met with two Romance Writers of America conference attendees...full of ideas, opinions, energy and enthusiasm!  My tendency is to think that all I want is to close the door and write, to be alone with my thoughts, but it was fantastic to be bombarded with very interesting possibilities for new books.  


IWWG on Sunday

Really wonderful conference held at Yale with women from all over, all with much the same sensibilities and the same love of writing!  It refreshed me and made me feel a part of something. Usually I don't want to be a part of anything so this is new feeling and a nice interlude.  Very well done...brava, International Women's Writers Guild!



88 pianos--one with a hot pink bow, all decorated somehow-- have been placed all over Manhattan.  Invariably, someone sits down and plays a few notes, breaks into Cole Porter or Beethoven, draws a crowd, all listening intently. One by one the audience wanders away and, one by one, is replaced. The pianist leaves to go back to his office and he is replaced.  A little music accompanied by sirens and honking taxis.  Everyone smiles, everyone feels a little bit happy about it.  How I love New York.


material-inspiration-BOOKS to be written

"Hey, the Feebs got Whitey!" is the email I sent this morning to my Scotland Yard pal in London.

Have been watching,  with one mud brown eye, the Whitey Bulger caper as it spanned years ....and years.  Too many years to the chagrin of the F.B.I.   Most wanted, most disappeared, most he's headed for the slammer.

Someone please write another book about this very bright man, this psychopath who killed 19 people that we know of, because FEDORA PRESS wants to publish it and I cannot wait to read it!