FEDORA PRESS, The Publisher for Writers, was founded in 2010 in Philadelphia by a writer and former journalist. The force behind it is the fierce conviction that writers should be treated with respect. A book should be exactly the book its author wants it to be. Short manuscripts are welcome. Perhaps you have written poetry or a family history. The print run can be as small as one book. Every project is given individual attention.

Publishing was once a gentleman’s profession. That has changed. The world has changed. FEDORA PRESS hopes to make the publishing experience a return to civility.


Writers make the world go round. Every movie, every play, every newscast, every magazine article, and every ad for toothpaste is written. Writers spend hours, days, months, and years, usually alone, looking for the precise words and shepherding their thoughts into sentences and onto pages.

There are excellent writers whose work deserves to be published. Many cannot get an agent. Many, like the founder, have been published but are disenchanted by mainstream publishing.

FEDORA PRESS is not a self-publishing company.
Manuscripts are read and selected on merit. We at FEDORA PRESS are discerning in what we publish. Once a writer is chosen, we will treat his manuscript with the integrity it deserves.

No writer needs an agent.
The author pays publishing costs. Many other writers have done this.


What sets FEDORA PRESS apart is its team of skilled professionals who want to give every writer exactly the book they envision.

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